About Us

DizoMart was founded by Entrepreneur Saiful Islam on September 2020 with the aim of providing fastest delivery service in the market and a source of saving money by shopping on DizoMart Application. DizoMart operates on a hyperlocal on demand grocery delivery business model. It not only aggregates local stores but also organises a fleet of delivery partners which delivery the groceries in less than 1 hour. DizoMart provides an online platform for ordering from a wide range of listed neighborhood partner stores and have their own fleet of delivery personnel who pick up the orders from the partner stores and deliver it to the customers at their doorsteps.

DizoMart works by providing a complete grocery ordering and delivery solution that connects the existing local neighborhood. You can open the DizoMart application on your mobile phones or visit the DizoMart website and you will find a whole list of products based on your location which are deliverable to you. Once the order placed, the store manager which has its own DizoMart Store Manager application receives the order details and starts preparing for the order. And a delivery boy will assigned by the store manager. Like other on-demand delivery startups, DizoMart also has integrated the Google Maps API which lets the customers know where their order is and the amount of time it will take for their order to get delivered in real-time. The main USP of the startup is that every user can earn redeemable points by referral program where a user refer another user just one time but he will get the commission of his every order life time.

Our Team


Faridul Sekh

CEO & Co-Founder

Ex-CEO of Vodabazar



Saiful Islam

CMD & Founder

Business Strategy & Development Expert